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2. Bight of Bonny (formerly Bight of Biafra)

3. The Holy City Biakpan

4. I Am That I Am

5. BCS contributes N14 billion to the Cross River economy. 

6. Your Leader Visits Me Regularly, Muslim Leader Tells BCS Missionaries

7. I Exist In All The Planes At The Same Time, Anthology Three, Volume One, Bible Class Lessons and Everlasting Gospels by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu. Compiled and referenced by Pastor Dr. Carl Alexander-Reindorf and Deaconess Flora Alexander-Reindorf, Washington DC, USA.

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  1. kwasasa Reply

    u nigerians.Ghana.Usa u wil makes dis world comes tu an end
    u create churches not frm God ami why what are u looking fo
    if u may turns back to ur sense God is ready to received u money money what are u doing with excessive money Satan agents u wait

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Olumba Olumba Obu us Truly God and ONLY The Holy Spirit Will Truly Reveal this Secret to anyone He Choses TYMMGAF AmenOOO AmenOOO AmenOOO

  3. Elder Peter Chinedum Ifeacho, PhD Reply

    BCS to all in amazement is the Kingdom of God on Earth. Leader OOO and His Holiness OOO are fused into one. This new Kingdom is guided, dictated and prompted by the Holy Spirit. Hence, we all must learn daily to keep up to the dictates and seek for the mission of this wonderful new name Olumba Olumba Obu. Daniel 7: 12-13, Revelation: 19 vs 11-14(KJV bible). Now, search through any other power known to man- same result of the ultimate power assigned to Him(OOO) by Abba Father. Practically the are three in One). BCS will only need you to baptize after confession of all your sins. No argument or force or drive or persuasive tack ticks . OK. I am heading to read BCS everlasting gospels to learn more and share. I extend perfect peace of God to you. Thank you Father

    BCS Celestial Elder Peter Ifeacho
    Brotherhood of the Cross & Star
    All Youth Assembly Worldwide

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